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ಗೆದ್ದಲು / दीमक / Termite / ઉધઈ / ചിതൽ / উইপোকা / கரையான்/White Ants
  • V Star Pest Control Bangalore is licensed pest control company, serving 1000+ residents and businesses every year for last one decade, providing various pest control services in Bangalore
  • The Termite Pest Control Service includes Termite Control, Termite Treatment of colony of termites, for woods and Anti Termite Treatment for foundations with the best termite control chemicals available.  
  • Avail our services for pre construction anti termite treatment or anti termite treatment for concrete in your new house or building and be worry free for years.   
  • We use best anti termite chemicals which gives results with and upto 10 years guarantee. 
  • Call us to to know the anti-termite treatment price and Get the best anti termite treatment near you.

What Are You Looking For?

  • Termite treatment at home?  Try our Termite Spray or Call us for pest control.
  • Termite treatment drilling holes?  Call Us to get  quote.
  • Termite treatment chemicals? Call us and get the price for the chemicals . We have bayer premise in stock. Minimum quantity 1 lit
  • Termite Control Cost? We need to know your requirement before we give you quote. Call us 
  • New House Termite Treatment? Tell us the area that need to cover before we give you quote. Call Us.
  • Termite Pest Control Near You?  We reach you in 2-3 hours, wherever you are in Bangalore. Call Us.

V Star Pest Control Bangalore provides best termite pest control and anti termite treatment near you

What We Do?

Termite Control and Termite Spraying with health-safe chemicals. Pre construction Anti Termite Treatment of foundations and post construction Anti Termite treatment of new houses and buildings. Termite Treatment on woods for Antique furniture. Termite control with and without drilling in concrete.

What You Get?

Guaranteed Service on pest control of termite at home and in apartments from our professional exterminator. Remain worry free from termites guaranteed for upto 10 years with our post and pre construction anti termite treatment.

What You Pay For?

Inspection is absolutely free. You only pay for the pest control service that we provide you for your home. Termite control rate includes the cost of materials, labor and all tools, sprayers required for complete operation.

Why To Call Us?

Prompt response: We reach you within 2-3 hours on the same day you call us. Post service customer support.

Offers & Discounts

Discount on termite control in more than 2 flats or houses in gated community. Customized packages for pest management for businesses like hotels and lodges

Termite Control At Home: Get Rid of Termite/ Dimak ( दीमक ) In 3 Easy Steps

Inspect Your House For Infestation

Take Action For Termite Control. Use Termite Spray yourself for early infestation 

Call Professional Termite Control  Company for effective Termite Treatment

First Step,  Inspection of the infested area: Do not wait for termite / dimak ( दीमक )to destroy your kitchen cabinet or your wooden furniture. Check every corner of wall and wooden materials at your home. Once you identify the infestation, look for termite control.

Second Step, Take Action : You could choose to treat the termite with termite spray. Usually the spray uses boric acid. Simply spray over cracks and crevices in floors, walls, and ceilings evenly with the acid. The spray may or may not be effective depending on the amount of infestation.

Third Step,Call Pest Control Company :  If the infestation is higher, colonies of termites are there at corners of your home, then it is important to take help of professional pest control for effective termite treatment. 

Termite Control in Buildings : Reach Us For Anti Termite Treatment

What are you looking for? Pre construction or post construction anti termite treatment service? Get in touch with us today. Tell Us your requirement. We will provide you with our guaranteed services and you remain worry free upto 10 years.

Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment

termite Control: Anti Termite Treatment Chemicals that We Use

We use the best anti termite treatment chemicals in the market for our pest control services in Bangalore, such as bayer premise termite control . Watch the video posted by Envu Apac to find out how different termiticides work, and why is Bayer Premise the best choice of chemical for anti-termite treatment. The video also explains application procedure in Pre-Construction anti termite treatment

Termite Control: Anti Termite Treatment Price

Terrmite Control and Anti Termite Treatment Services, Price starts from ₹3/sqft, guarantee starts from 5 years

termite Control: Anti Termite Treatment Price

  • Anti Termite treatment price depends on whether you are choosing pre construction anti-termite treatment or post construction anti termite treatment.
  • Anti-termite treatment price depends on the area of the surface that you want to treat. It is inclusive of the cost of chemicals required to cover the areas and the labor cost.
  • Termite treatment cost depends on the area of your house or the area of the kitchen in sqm that you want to treat.

Where Do You Need Termite Treatment or Termite Control

Termite Control: termite Treatment Services

V Star Provides Pest Control Services in Bangalore

Termite Control At Home

Termite treatment and termite spraying on your wooden cabinets, wardrobes, furnitures and in your kitchen

Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment

Chemical treatment of the foundation and the soil before you construct the home and building. This treatment acts as the barrier for termites to destroy your home

Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment

Chemical Treatment of a constructed building or house, where we find out the probable places of termite infestation in the building and apply anti termite chemicals to destroy them.

Looking For Any Other Pest Control Services in Bangalore?

We provide pest control all over Bangalore. Check the price of other pest control services like bed bugs treatmentcockroach control, lizard and spider control, and rat pest control.

Call Us If You Have Any Custom Requirement of Pest management or Pest Control of Your Premises.

Pest Control Services

Commercial Pest Control

When you chooses our Pest Control Services, you choose a program that addresses your business’s specific needs, We’ll start with a comprehensive. on-site inspection and deliver scientifically based, customized solutions that help provide unparalleled results to meet your exact needs.

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